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Friday, January 7, 2011

Fluttering bird and Nesty New Year!

Baby bird is waaaaay active today! Lots of movement and its super cool now because if you stare at my stomach you can actually see it moving - little kicks and jabs!  Last night Tom stared at my tummy for a really long time (so much patience that man has!) and finally it moved and my stomach went POP! and Tom went WOAAAAAH! It was pretty neat that he got to see it.
Well its 2011 now and its official - we're having a baby THIS year! For the last 6 months Tom & I have been saying, Oh next year we're having a baby...Oh next year, we need to start the baby room...Oh next year we'll register. It's "next year" now and we've got lots to do!  The disastrous baby room is first priority on our list. There used to be a walking path in that room so you could atleast get around things but that's slowly diminished over time. Now there are only "leaping pads" - little tiny open spots that you have to jump to from one place to the next to move around. Its quite fun...also kind of dangerous when you're pregnant but for me these days that's living on the edge. I've also been taking inventory on our house and all the little things we need to fix/change/paint/repair and have started a few projects already - NESTING TIME!
2011 - you're going to be a great year. You're bringing us a baby, its going to be magical. I can't wait to meet our little poppy seed. Hello poppy? I wonder if you're a boy or a girl?  This is the ultimate of surprises, better than Christmas or Easter or Halloween or those random days that Tom buys me flowers or leaves me little notes in the kitchen (although those days/moments are super special & make me glow for a good week)... but this....this tops it all. Our Baby B is coming!

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