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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Last night Tom & I got to tour the hospital that we're delivering at. It was super cool & got us waaaay pumped about having the baby! Things are really becoming a reality now! We'll be having the baby at Valley Care, same place I had Jake. When I had Jake there 12 years ago it was such a good experience, the staff was really nice & supportive and we got such good care. I'm excited that we get to deliver there. We saw the different rooms they have, the beds for dad to sleep in, the nursery...although last night it was eerily quiet in the labor & delivery ward...very peaceful and calm - not at all like I remember it being! Or maybe I only remember the hustle & bustle because I was in labor and it was all about me & my baby, friends, family, etc.  It was a great night to tour the hospital though because it was so empty. The baby was moving all around during the tour too as if he knew where we were at and what we were talking about - its arrival!  
This friday I'll officially be in the 3rd & last trimester - woohoo!!! I had a check up last week & everything looks good. I've gained a total of 15 lbs now & the doc said I'm right on track. (Although I feel larger and larger with each passing should see me try to roll over in the middle of the night - wowee, I feel like a beached whale!) I did the 1 hour glucose test (routine gestational diabetes test) & had to drink some naaaassssty lime flavored gunk & sit at the lab for an hour with some very colorful & interesting people. I don't know the results yet but I'm sure all is fine, not really worried. My next Dr appt is at 30 weeks in 3 weeks and then after that I go every 2 weeks until I'm 36 weeks pregnant & then I start going in weekly! Then its GO time - baby time! We registered last weekend, whew~ that was a lot of work! It was fun picking out baby stuff together though, looking at strollers and car seats, cribs & bedding. P.S I hate bedding but that's a different blog - one that I'll title, Puke on baby themed bedding. We tried not to fall into the trap of "green & yellow everything" since we don't know what we're having but its kind of hard not too.  Still no progress on the baby's room but hopefully the next entry will say differently! School just started last week so I'm trying to get back into the swing of that and juggle the rest. My goal is to pull ahead in school a couple of weeks so I'm not worried about homework while giving birth! Keep your fingers crossed for that!

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