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Lilypie Maternity tickers

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Oy, its been hurting pretty bad & becoming a constant now. Its always worse at the end of the day, sleeping has definitely lost its appeal b/c rolling over and/or moving hurts it, getting up in the morning makes me feel like Granny Eileen down the street and bending over is just a big forget about it. I've always had back problems & kind of had a hunch that this pregnancy I'd feel some extra fun effects from it. Yoga & stretching definitely help though so I try to do that a few times a week. Its those moments when I sneeze or move wrong and WHAM I wanna drop to my knees that I hate. Tom's the best though & rubs it for me when we go to bed and tells me almost every night what a great job I'm doing carrying our baby! awwwwww - he's the bestest ever!
Other than the back, things are moving right along & going great. I'm becoming more & more confused with how far I am...30 weeks? 31? 32? (Losing my mind?) I don't know...geesh, the days are just kind of running into each other now. Baby boy is riding up high, lots of pressure up top now. Somedays I can literally feel my stomach stretching its pretty bizarre. He's super active too - I mean this kid is constantly at it....moving, kicking, punching, shifting, turning. Tom & I watch my stomach almost every night now & watch him move around. It reminds me of a waterbed when you jump on it and see the ripples - that's what my stomach looks like! Except its much harder than a waterbed and you don't jump on it.
Stuff that's been happening
*Tom's been working his butt off. I'm so impressed with his dedication to his job & think he's the best supervisor ever! (and yes, I'm totally biased but whatever!)
*Jake is moving up to an Orange belt in Karate - wahooo! Go Jake!
* My work is fighting me on my maternity leave - not so fun, lots of prayers.
*I've gained a total of 19 lbs now - gulp!
*I'm not getting enough calcium & have to force myself to drink milk if I'm not getting it from my foods....I'm not in love with drinking milk
*Elvy got his first cold! (Kennel Cough - even though he was vaccinated!) Awwww poor puppy - but he's on the mend now!
Stuff coming up
*I get new tires next week! Total big deal b/c I'm driving around on really shotty tires - super dangerous, not good!
*Dr appt on Wednesday, I go every 2 weeks now
*Ultrasound on the 4th, hopefully Jake can make it this time. Last time he was sick, bummer. Can't wait to see beeb again!
*And then....Tom's gone for a week in NY. That will be a sad week to prepared.

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