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Monday, February 28, 2011

8 months

I just realized 2 things. First, I'm 8 months pregnant! I'm so thrown off by counting everything in weeks that it didn't even dawn on me that 32 weeks = 8 months, duh!!! Second thing I just realized is that the baby is due in 53 days. The chances of him being born on our actual due date are pretty slim but it totally tripped me out when I realized how close we are. Less than two months away! Tom said he can't believe that a baby is actually going to come out of me for reals! HAHA!
Right now the baby is about 17 inches and almost 4lbs. He'll be gaining 1/3 to 1/2 of its weight in the next 7 weeks - eeek, I'm going to be enormous! We started Lamaze last week too & it was awesome. We both got a lot out of it and really enjoyed it. Its fun being in a class with a bunch of other expecting parents and sharing our experiences with each other. We're really looking forward to our next class. Right now we're supposed to be working on a relaxation exercise twice a day for ten minutes each time. The exercise is designed to help you relax regardless of where you're at or what's happening. We've been very bad students though & have not been practicing at all! Now I'll have to set a reminder in my phone to remind me every day. The teacher also talked about due dates and letting go of any specific day. We're now supposed to consider it our "due month" and have an open mind for anything that can happen! Exciting!
Fun Facts:
* I've gained 22 lbs total now
* Sleeping the night thru is completely non-existent
* The baby is CONSTANTLY moving - he's a fiesty lil guy!
* I've figured out that if I sit on my stairs its easier to put my shoes on
* We're still not prepared - tons of work to do in the baby's room!
* Everything's been taken care of with my work & my maternity leave date is March 25th - 26 days to go! HOLLA!
* I love chocolate & sweets and hate brocolli & gum still, weird
* Possibly our last ultrasound this Friday - can't wait to see my little poppy!

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  1. wow..almost close!!We always want to rush through pregnancy, forgetting that it is actually the easiest part!! You look amazing.I always think pregnant women shine!! this sharing of your progress is so fun and I hope you have saved it all for the little man to read when he understands how excited your family was waiting for his arrival!! He is a lucky little guy!!