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Friday, April 8, 2011

38 weeks

Exactly 2 weeks left now! Crazy, I didn't think I'd still be updating at this point. A couple of weeks ago I thought for sure this baby was coming early, there was so much activity & stuff going on with my body - all the contractions and dilating, hospital visits, etc. But I'm actually really happy to still be pregnant and that my little poppy is still cookin' in there. I've really enjoyed being pregnant & sometimes feel like I could go another month no problem! Well okay, minus the night time back aches, those I don't love so much. No wonder Jake didn't want to come out though & was 15 days late, I think my body is made for pregnancy - these babies just get all cozy inside and it seems like the longer I go the more energetic I become. I've also been off work now for two weeks, pretty amazing. I've honestly wondered a few times how I worked and fit in everything I do! I've been so busy since I've been on maternity leave, its been non-stop but I've loved every second of it. Trying to stay on top of homework, finish up all these little projects around the house...well I shouldn't say "little"! Painting the baby's dresser and stenciling his wall in his room have proved to both be bigger challenges than we anticipated but I'm almost done and have to say that it was worth every stressful moment doing it. I'll definitely post before & after pics later.

Here are some fun facts of what's going on in the Bowman world:
*At 38 weeks I've now gained 25 lbs
*Jake is kicking butt in baseball, just hit a triple Wed night & a double on Sunday!
*Tom gets to take off an entire month after the baby is born WOOHOOOO Can't WAIT!!!
*I'm feeling super sad to have to leave Elvis when we have the baby. I know that sounds goofy but we've never left him over night before, this will be the 1st time. He'll be w/ my sis & bro bro having the time of his life though playing with Mersey - he won't even know we're gone!
*Jake is going to Disneyland with his dad April 16th - 20th, that's the week we're due. Everyone please pray that we have the baby either before he leaves or after he gets back!!!!! I don't want him to miss this!

Updates on the room later...almost there!


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