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Monday, April 18, 2011

Due date week!

So maybe this is my last week of being pregnant...maybe not!? I'm due this Friday, only 4 days away but who knows when our little guy is going to come. My guess is that he'll be about a week late but we'll see.

We finally finished all of the BIG projects that needed to get finished in the baby's room. Here's the stencil that Tom made for the teal wall in Baby B's room. He did such a phenomenal job, crafty hubb!

Here's the wall that I stenciled. Came out amazing, its even better in person!

And the grand finale....(drum roll!) is the dresser!!!! This thing was waaaaaaaaaay more work than I bargained for but was definitely worth every second of it. Tom sanded it & I spent about a week painting it. The black piping was the hardest part - that combined with my enormous belly getting in my way! 

The only things left now that we have to do in the baby's room is hang the wall decor and find a little shelf. Almost there! Tomorrow I have another check up and will find out if I've dilated anymore. I think I'm at a 2 and Tom's guessing I'm dilated to 3 cm. I'll update tomorrow! The baby has the green light to come out after Wednesday when Jake gets home from Disneyland. I promised him I'd either have the baby before he left or would wait until he got back on Wednesday. Glad the baby is keeping up his end of the bargain & staying put until big brother comes home :)


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