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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dr appt update

I love the holidays! Holiday eating has taken on new meaning being pregnant! Absolutely UH-MAZING! Yum!!!! I think the only other person that ate more than I did was Tom! HA! He loooooves pumpkin pie! :-)

So I'm a little over 19 weeks now, the baby's about 6 inches & weighs around 8 1/2 ounces. We met with our genetic counselor last week to discuss the AFP test results & had another ultrasound. Its always fun to see our little poppy! But once again, little stinker was being stubborn and refusing to cooperate. They discovered about a month ago that I have fibroid tumors growing on my uterus, there's now 3 of them, decent sized but all benign & fairly common. Typically they just continue to monitor them to make sure they don't grow too large & don't block the birthing process (the increase in hormones causes them to grow during pregnancy) and on occasion they can cause pain as they outgrow their blood supply - a process called degenerative. One of mine became degenerative (oh boy!) & about 3 weeks ago I was in the most agonizing pain you could possibly imagine. I thought for sure I was losing the baby! It was so scary and painful, lasted about 8 days but thank God it passed & everything is okay now. Hopefully it doesn't happen again, no guarantees though! Anyway...the baby has taken a fond liking to my tumors & has chosen to nestle itself waaaay down in between they're little tumor pillows! So during the ultrasound, they couldn't take all the measurements of the head like they wanted because the little guy was too busy burrowing itself & hiding. They tried all the same tricks as before- lay on your side, jiggling my stomach, go to the bathroom - the best though was when the Dr came in & tilted the table back as far as it could possibly go to try to get the baby to come out! I felt like I was on a roller coaster ride as I was suspended in the air almost upside down! hahaha!

Our stubborn little stinker has gotten us another ultrasound appointment scheduled for tomorrow. I'm not going to complain - another visit where we can see the munchkin & get more pictures is always awesome! At last weeks appointment they didn't detect any soft markers or indicators for down syndrome but they're not always detected via ultrasound. Tomorrow they'll take the head measurements & re-count the nuchal folds. We've also decided to go ahead and get the amnio done tomorrow. At this point there has been so many appointments, discussions, ultrasounds, etc that we're just pretty done with it all & would rather just know what's going on. The amnio will give us an accurate result of what we can expect - either everything will be okay OR everything will still be okay and we can become better prepared. All in God's hands now.  Keep us in your prayers!


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