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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Finally! Here's our blog, the Bowman Baby blogspot.  I had every desire to start this earlier in our pregnancy but due to morning sickness, vomiting, nausea and fatigue it was a far off, distant dream that plain and simply was not happening. Now however at 4 months along I'm feeling much much better!  Thank goodness! The first trimester was quite a doozey...I wasn't expecting to be as sick as I was but that's how pregancy works - you just never know what to expect. Morning sickness aside, we're so excited to meet our sweet little muffin face and to share all of the exciting things that are happening and taking place in our lives.

We found out that we were pregnant SUPER early. We were only 4 weeks along when I took the test! (We were just a little excited! hahaha) The lady at the Dr's office even giggled when I told her how far along I was. She thought it was so cute that we were so anxious and excited. That sure made for a long wait though until our first appointment, they don't want to see you until your atleast 8 weeks so we had 4 agonizing weeks to go. Once the initial appointment was out of the way and Baby B was confirmed it all started to become so much more real. "We're having a baby!!!!" Then the morning sickness....ugh. Then it was definitely all too real. The morning sickness kicked in at about 6 weeks and didn't let up until 12 weeks. Tom has been an amazing help though and has stepped up 100% to help take care of me, clean the house, run to the store, help with Jake, cook dinner (which is very cute because Tom's culinary skills are limited to taquito's, quesadilla's, grilled cheese and pancakes...although in the process of becoming Mr. Mom he's now added burrito's to his list of homecooked meals!) whatever was needed though Tom was willingly there for me. Thank goodness for helpful loving hubbie's like mine!

Tom is going to be the most terrific dad ever, I think this pregnancy has already been a great preparation for what's in store! Tom loves reading the weekly updates on how the baby has grown & changed, he's so amazed at the process. Jacob is so excited to have a little brother (yes, brother - he refuses to acknowledge the possibility that it could be a girl.) And our sweet little pup pup Elvis...well he has no idea how much our lives are going to change. My hours have recently been cut back at work so I've had a lot more time to spend with Elvis and he's become quite the little cling on.  Things might be hard at first when he realizes he's not the center of attention and we'll have to make sure to give him lots of extra love. We know he's going to love the baby though and I'm already planning little photo op's in my head of the dog, Jake and the baby together! hahaha!  

We'll be posting more updates soon to fill in the blanks of everything that's been happening. God has been so good to us though and has really blessed our little family. We're so excited for this journey and can't wait to meet our little Baby B!


  1. Aggghhh!! I remember when you tried to tell me! I NEVER answer my phone! I'm so sorry! Hahahaha! But then I remembered "Oh my gosh! Katy's called me three time in the last ten minutes! I need to call her back!" so I did but you didn't tell me right away (why!) and we talked for a little bit then you said "Tara I'm pregnant" but I didn't hear you right but I sort of did! So I said "What!" Then I lost it, like I do and I'm sure you didn't understand a word of it :)

    After we hung up my very first thought was that I won't be pregnant with you and I was sad because I had the best experience being pregnant with you with Jake and Riley and I wanted to be prego again! Crazy right! :) This is even better though because you basically ARE having my baby and I will love her (because I know you're having a girl) like crazy and then get to give her back! No sleepless nights for me! :)

    Seriously though, your pregnancy so far has been different in just about every way...just think about how the baby will be! You have so much to look forward to, all those stages, those "firsts"'s all so exciting and I CANNOT WAIT to see Tom experience all of it for the first time. He has no idea! So great! I love you guys and look forward to more updates!

    Love you

  2. Well, I couldn't be more proud! And am so thrilled to be having anotherrrrr grandbaby!! Bring it on. Thank you! I am very proud of the two of you and loving each other so much. I know this will be such a sheer joy to your life. You will both be awesome parents and will sing to the baby and rock it and walk around with it, and like your Dad did with you girls, which was so cool, putting you babies on his chest laying on the couch. You were soon fast asleep to the beating of dad's heart and all that extreme heat emmanating from him! He was like a hot water bottle. I always felt so proud of that. So, Tom and Katy you have a blessing coming to you in the spring time. That is a wonderful time of year for a baby. I know you'll make just wonderful parents, and Jacob will be so excited to have a brother or sister. I am very, very glad this is happening. God is such a generous God and so sweet. I love you all and love the baby Bowman blog site. Great!!