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Lilypie Maternity tickers

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Whew~ Amnio done and over with! We had our appointment yesterday and everything went great. The baby was out of its tumor pillows and we got to see its sweet little face & the Dr’s got the measurements they needed. I have to take it easy and stay down for the next couple of days as part of the recovery process from the amnio. I have a list of stuff that I can’t do…no lifting, no working out, no power walking, no cleaning, etc and Tom said he’s going to make copies of the instructions and hang them all over the house for me! I’ve been taking it super easy though, following the doctors (and Tom’s) orders and using the time to get caught up on my homework. The counts from the ultrasound looked good and the fluid from the amnio was clear & looked great according to the Dr. We feel good about things & having the procedure behind us we now feel a lot of relief. The results come back in about 7 to 10 days so in the meantime we’ll just sit back and relax. In the ultrasound yesterday the doctor flipped the switch to 3D, it was amazing! We got a couple of super awesome pictures of the baby that I’ll post separately once I’ve uploaded them. 3D really made it look like an actual baby though and now we’re even more convinced that it’s a boy!  Maybe we should start working on boy names; we can’t seem to agree on any, although Tom and I work great under pressure so maybe we’ll figure it out the week before the baby comes! Tomorrow I’m 20 weeks – half way marker!

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