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Friday, March 18, 2011


Let me be the first to say that if you do NOT want to go to Labor & Delivery, do NOT call your Dr and tell them you've been spotting because that's exactly where they will send you! And not once this week did it happen but twice! humph! All I wanted to know yesterday morning when I called is why - why is it happening...that's it. But they said back to Valley Care, so off I went...which really isn't that bad to be honest. The staff is great, the check in process super simple & easy but there's lots of little unnecessary fluff that I could do being wheeled up to L&D in a wheelchair. I mean really, I'm not dying! Oh well, you just have to go with it. After yesterday morning's visit I learned that I've started to dilate, I'm at a 1cm. The baby is doing great, everything looks good & nothing to really be concerned over unless I start bleeding more. Alot of times I guess as the cervix begins to open & dilate, blood vessels rupture which can cause some spotting. TMI? sorry. I could get more graphic but I'll spare you the rest haha!
With everything that's been happening though in this last week - baby dropping, dilating, constant contractions - we definitely think the baby will be early. (Tara's predicted April 13th) Tom's feeling a little anxious over working so far away & is afraid something's going to happen while he's at work but I keep reassuring him that he'll have plenty of time to make it home. Labor is a loooooooooong process! I'm 35 weeks today so the baby can safely come at any time, we're officially in the clear so we'll just have to sit back and wait and see.
Oh! and here's a little sneak peek from our super fun & awesome maternity shoot with Sisterwait!

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