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Friday, March 11, 2011

Over-due & homecomings!

I can't believe it...8.5 months preggers today! Now of course in the homestretch I feel like, "Where did the time go!" but if you would've asked me that at 3 months, I would've told you we were moving at a snail's pace. I had another check up on Wednesday & everything looks awesome. I didn't gain any weight this time which I thought was weird but the Dr said was fine. We talked about being overdue & what the game plan was, last time he let me go 15 days late with Jake. He said that this time he wouldn't let me go that long & that he'd induce me after a week, 10 days max but most likely not past a week. WOOHOO! So IF I'm late again, they would probably induce me as early as the 28th but no later than May 1st - which also happens to be our 1 year anniversary! LOL My prediction (or hope!) is that I won't need to be induced this time. Not that my induction was horrible last time but I really feel like my body will kick into gear on its own. I would love to go into labor naturally and I'm hoping that all these Toni Braxton's are prepping my body to do something of its own accord.
Most exciting news of all is that Tom comes home tonight!!!! He's only been gone a week but I feel like its been an eternity, like he's missed so much! I haven't had anyone to stare at my belly with all week long! I tried to make Jake do it but he said, "Come on mom, I can't stare at it forever. I'm not Tom!" hahaha!! Can't wait to see my babe tonight & kiss his face!

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